RAID D'AVENTURA EL CATLLAR, sunday 9th april 2017

Come and discover our sunny land while adventure racing!

Thanks to the support of the Ajuntament del Catllar, the Federació Catalana de Curses d'Orientació and el Club Montsant Orientació, a new edition is here with new surprises. Prepare your team for the adventure!




Raid d'aventura de El Catllar seeks the participation of people who are new to this sport, but for the strongers you must try to complete the entire route. Are you accepting the challenge?

You will enjoy the natural environment offered by the town of El Catllar, Tarragona's coast and the Baix Gaià zone, practicing sports such as mountain biking, running, orienteering, kayaking, abseiling, climbing, rogaine and surprise tests.

It is a raid scoring the Catalan Cup Raids FCOC 2017 and to the Raider Catalunya ranking.




Què es un raid d'aventura?

"Raid" (French concept) defines an incursion into the territory in search of a goal. Subscribed with "adventure" word, it turns in a excited and amazing journey where you'll need the 100% of your skills to arrive to the finish line.

It is a multidisciplinary team competition in which participants must take a free itinerary route in the shortest time possible with the exclusive use of a map and compass. Resistance, orientation, autonomy, teamwork, versatility and experience are the skills that you'll need for this adventure near mediterranean sea.


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Ajuntament de El Catllar


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